10 Best Thermal Paste For Cpu 2020 – Do Not Buy Before Reading This!

Best thermal paste for CPU : Every Personal computer enthusiast has to keep the processor temperature of the computer as low as possible. This is necessary, as this CPU should not run so much hot if you have to preserve the longevity. 

The CPU stock coolers are bundled along with this processor in the market available today are subpar and don’t give the best performance of cooling. That is exactly why the consumers prefer purchasing the best aftermarket coolers for the significant improvements in these thermal performances. 

The thermal paste is provided with these coolers isn’t close to a good out of there. If you haven’t an idea what the thermal paste is, then it is nothing but the thermally conductive compound, usually, that is applied between the cooler and CPU’s heat sink, in the order to prevent the air gaps and fast up the heat transfer between the cooler and CPU. 

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This is the answer to thermal Grizzly to customers needing higher quality, inexpensive and, reliable ceramic thermal grease. Because it occupies the strange space between another ceramic paste and the conductonaut of a thermal grizzly. It is a very expensive ceramic paste in the lineups, but this temperature advantage over the next runner is minimal.

While the products of the thermal grizzly are undeniably higher quality, they tend to be expensive than this competition. This unique conductonaut performance thermal grease is the story, but is this reason to pay much for the Kryonaut when another competing paste cost half?

The answer is if you are looking for good possible thermal grease performance, but you are not willing to make the jump to the metal liquid then get the Kryonaut.

While temperature difference between the pastes of Kryonaut and another ceramic paste in the lineup is smaller, those degrees can be making the massive difference if overclock otherwise push the performances of personal computers. That is where the Kryonaut will be showed it is usefulness.


  • The famous choice for over lockers and gamers.
  • Convenient 1 gram syringe.
  • Weight is 0.16 ounces.
  • Delivers optimal heat transfers.

These are other premium pastes that result in lower temperatures and speeds steady clock. The GC extreme comes in 3 sizes. You can be purchased in the standard one gram tube, the slight largest 3.5 grams tube with the included spreader, or ten-gram tin.

This also boasts no time curing. That means you can put it on, it must do it is the right job away. Several other thermal pastes, those with thick formulations, have to be heated or burned before they will show the full effect. 


  • Useful for over clocking.
  • Weight is .32 onches.
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This solution is budget-friendly of the gelid answer to looking for the not expensive thermal paste. As a similar price as the GC extreme, but with the stock seven-gram bottle, you get seven times nearly the products for similar prices.

In this context, the GC2 does leave to be the desired term of the performance coming in the full degree Celsius hot. These thermal pastes do provide some extraordinary values.

Assuming the use of enough thermal paste to go via the whole bottle before expires; you would end approximately saving 80 percent of the hard-earned money.

Someone goes through many thermal pastes and is not concerned with maxing performance would be seen some amazing benefits from the paste. To this typical PC builder or user, the paste will maximum than essential volume and minimize need performance-wise.


  • Thermal conductivity is 8.5W/mK.
  • Achieve good heat conductivity from the CPU to VGA cards.
  • Operating temperature is -45 degrees up to plus 180 degrees Celsius.

This has been the thermal compound staple users for the generations. As better and newer for everywhere compounds have entered this market. This has fallen to the packed middle in the performance terms. Still, it provides thermal transfer at the appealing prices, its not the longest the best option on this market.

This paste is unique because it’s more composition. It is the carbon based entry in the lineup, so the users looking explicitly for this will like default to the paste. Because of this unique structure, it is very difficult to compare this paste with another ceramic paste.

It will up to this user to decide whether this is usable for them. While most affordable in the stock four-gram tube and trusted for various years, it is not deniable longest the better. It is loyal means it will be remaining the contender for years to come.


  • Ease to use, even for beginners. 
  • Weights are 0.16 ounce.
  • A compound of the carbon micro particles.
  • Thermal conductivity is 8.5W/mK.

In 2019 released, it has released the better and, newer versions of the previous thermal paste, and it is so shabby. While it hits the packed middle performance-wise. The thermal paste is an excellent value. It comes standard in ten grams of a tube, the means it is excellent for repeated or substantial applications.


  • Weight is 0.16 ounce.
  • Made with pure 99.9% silver.
  • The thermally conductive filter is 88%.

This cooler master has the active business to follow when rated gadgets come to personal computers, accessories, and other tech.

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The cooler master higher performance thermal compound performed in the stress tests. While it is the viable paste, it performed the bad out of all pastes we tested. Also, it isn’t cheaper options on this list.

We believe really that cooler master thermal compound shouldn’t be considered as the option when compared to the contenders.

As per the standard paste of ceramic thermal, it hasn’t obvious advantages to the superior thermal pastes, and the prices and performances are substandard. We must not that the cooler master thermal grease options, like as cooler master nano, make the best showing.


  • Made of some nanodiamond particles.
  • Ultra higher conductivity for the chipset.
  • Dimensions are 7.4X4.5X0.8 inches.
  • Excellent viscosity.
    • Nonelectrical conductive.

When you are considering the thermal paste quantity included in the tube, it isn’t the best idea to start developing the illusions about getting the years of use of the paste. The shelf life for multiple thermal pastes is 2 or 3 years.

The thermal paste does not well age. After you are certain that you have installed successfully the cooler of CPU, you will have to throw away whatever pastes are leftover.

The life of each paste application varies as well. One the higher end, you will find out the pastes that claim to maintain the efficacy for 8 years. On the lower end, you will find out manufacturers suggest replacing the paste every 2 or 3 years.

The best news is even after 3 years, the pastes will continue to provide the performance, from the original state.

Price point:

If you have spent hundreds already on the processor, you should not undercut the performance trying to save the number of bucks on the thermal paste. For interested in over clocking, this paste choice will need a drastic impact on machine performance.

Of course, it does not mean that the thermal paste has to become a serious investment. You can be found plenty of higher quality of thermal pastes around or under $20.


There are two types of this thermal paste compounds are conductive paste and non-conductive paste. The conductive pastes include aluminum, silver, and copper. And non conductive thermal pates include silicon, ceramic, and Zinc.

You have to choose the thermal paste type you have needed care. The conductive compounds are the best option, but it’s entirely the choice. It’s mainly used for choosing the best types of thermal pastes, and there are some pros as well as cons of these conductive compounds:


As we mentioned, the thermal pads haven’t been effective enough in past some years to warrant choosing over the higher quality thermal pastes.

Recently, the trend has started the changes. These thermal pads from the graphite innovation cooling feature the ultra conductive material found in the pencils and another source. 


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While this thermal pad cannot still compare to higher-end thermal greases, it is the numbers to scoff at. On the top, the thermal pads are attractive increasingly options because of the easy to use. The clean off the thermal grease residue from the cooler and CPU, then the place this thermal pad between them.

Besides, this innovation cooling claims that it is the thermal pads that can reuse some times. Even the smaller innovation cooling thermal pads cost maximum as the Kryonaut bottle. This fact it can use over and over is again compelling. Also the thermal greases, these pads have the near indefinite life of shelf whereas various thermal greases will be drying up or lose this efficacy after some years.



  • Stable across -200C to plus 400 C.
  • Graphite based on the thermal pad.
  • Thermal paste conductivity is 35 W/mK.

When you need the new processor, you can be used for enhanced modeling, standard work, and gaming but you should purchase the top quality thermal paste so this CPU can stay cool without the overheating or over clocking.

Thermal conductivities: 

When you plan to purchase the thermal pastes make sure that has the best thermal conductivity, this thermal grease plays the main role in managing the microprocessor temperature in the electronics devices or computers.

They should provide higher reliability and versatility to keep the system safe as well as cool. Each thermal paste has the best thermal conductivity rating that’s nothing but to transfer this heat from the processors to this heat sink.

If this thermal conductivity is maximum than the temperature, then it will reduce more. There are various units for nonmetallic and liquid compounds, the liquid thermal paste can need the thermal conductivity of 70W/mK. And nonmetallic compounds will need conductivity between 4 to 10 W/mK.


When you’re ready to apply the thermal pastes over the equipment or the processor you should be careful because it can be effect or harm by the shorter circuits. You should choose the paste with lower conductivity so you can be used without the shorts even if it touches the electrical components. 

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