10 Mouse Pad for Csgo 2020 – Do Not Buy Before Reading This!

Corsair MM250 Champion Series 2020

Corsair MM250 Champion Series

Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma Gaming Mousepad

Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma Gaming Mousepad

ASUS ROG Sheath Gaming Mouse Pad

ASUS ROG Sheath Gaming Mouse Pad


A pad of the mouse is the surface of and pushes the mouse of a computer system. The cursor is a hardware part of the computer system. The mouse pad improves movement by providing a large area for measuring accurate and uncontrolled measurements in comparison with the mouse on a table or on any other surface. A mousepad Most mousepads boost ergonomics with a comfortable wrist resting device.

A mousepad is a small, portable surface that provides the best traction for the ball on a computer mouse and provides at least a small, limited area where the mouse can be moved. In the past, a pad for the cursor was needed in order to use the computer mouse. The ground surface must not be clutched by any rubber ball. The mousepad height is 7.9 inches in a mouse pad of 9.8 inches.

Today the optical mouse is designed with an optical sensor, so a mouse pad is often no longer required instead of a rubber ball. The surface must not be clasped by a rubber ball. But nowadays you need the right mousepads to switch around the lines of the mouse and much more for playing.

The best player can be you; you can get equipment suitable for your individual needs and preferences. Most players tend to spend a great deal on their mouse in the game, but there is not enough time and resources for people to hunt for a good mousepad. But the gamepad is available in various sizes and materials and each mousepad has its own unique features.

Having a pad that’s big enough, even the biggest cursor, but still has enough stopping power to specifically flip the enemy’s heads makes a difference in a battle, where a bullet into the dome will make the difference between a shot gained and lost.

Hairspray effectively will act like ape snot by allowing the mouse pad to keep the surface desk and the mouse will bounce on the desktop cushion by using spray.

Table of Contents

1. Turtle Beach Drift


The Turtle Beach Drift is the best game pad I’ve ever reviewed. Their beauty is simple. This mouse microfiber pad is smooth upwards, with sliced edges and a sturdy back to keep it moving.There’s an attractive red Turtle Beach badge, but other than that, it’s pretty easy— just pick out the size you want to set it up and let it go. The drift works well in all genres, and when I rush against the edge of the pad, the broken edges always let me know and I have to reset my hand.

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2. SteelSeries QcK Mouse Pad


The SteelSeries QcK Mouse Pad offers a good place to start when you want a lot of options. The standard version of this mouse pad is small enough to support a desk and thick enough to hold a bracelet, but without browning edges. It is available in various sizes, shapes and thicknesses that should suit the system regardless of your room. Thanks to its smooth surface and to the choice of the right size for my desk, I could play Titanfall, Heart of the Swarm and Assassin’s Creed Unity at the end of my game.

3. Razer Firefly V2


The Razer Firefly V2 is a hard surface electronic mouse pad with a full capacity for Chroma (16.8 million colours). The lighting is LED around the corner. The mouse pad synchronizes with other peripherals like Death Adder and Black Widow, so that intricate colour designs are displayed. The Firefly V2 features a bright, hard surface–a high price–like previous versions of the mouse pad. But you also get intelligent home integration with coloured light bulbs this time around, and a mouse cable holder to help keep the wires out.

4. Corsair MM250 Champion Series


The MM250 is usually best suited for Corsair mouse applications, but it is an excellent choice for people who need a large, square mouse pad with lots of space for low-dpi mice. The Corsair MM250 could be useful to FPS gamers who want to push their mouse on the long surfaced instead of losing accuracy by upping with a soft surface, 17,8x 15,7 footprint and a reasonable price.

5. Logitech G240


The Logitech G240 is one of the easiest mouse pads available to play, which I believe makes it a candidate for the best mouse set. The whole device is a slip of black cloth on the back with a bit resistant to prevent slippage. The G420 is precisely what it looks like, without a broken edge and a blue Logitech G logo on the bottom: a soft mouse surface which should help you to glance on your desktop while playing. Over several months I have used the G240 for the duration of all the mouse cushions we have checked

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6. HyperX Fury S Speed Edition (X-Large)


If you want to upgrade your audio for your headset, you should look at the sound card of Creative Sound BlasterX G1.
You can hear tracks from a distance during games such as Fortnite or PlayerUnknown’s Battlefields with this option. It supports real 7.1 audio signals and improves sound performance immediately to provide a more immersive gaming experience.

7. SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface-XL RGB Prism Cloth


The RGB Prism is another popular choice of Esports Pros for almost 20 years now and there are definite reasons for that! The mouse pad features a surface with micro-woven cloth that provides an easy-glide performance. The software within makes for easy and intuitive customization of applications so the gamers can enjoy complex lighting effects with RGB lights in no time at all. Make use of Discord chat integration so you get notifications about new messages etc. It has a rubber base with non-slip feature that prevents any kind of unnecessary movements. Its smooth surface also helps to optimize its mouse tracking accuracy for both optical as well as laser sensors.

8. Amazon Basics XXL Gaming Computer Mouse Pad


Logitech G is like a revolution in the gaming world. Dead batteries, input lag and loose and disconnecting wires are a thing of past with this wireless charging system. The Power play and Light speed technology takes performance to a completely new level. You can choose between cloth and hard surface to suit your gaming style. Combine it with a compatible mouse and a keyboard and enjoy next-gen performance.

8. Logitech G Powerplay Wireless Charging System


The unit is fitted with a pair of microphones for superior voice call output, 5.1-channel sound assistance and realistic control software. The amplifier is capable of powering even very challenging headphones (up to 600-ohm impedance).
Although this sound card does not address audiophiles, the Sound Blaster Omni is an excellent choice if you look for an easy way to improve the integrated audio in your computer without breaking down your bank.

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10. ASUS ROG Sheath Gaming Mouse Pad


The ROG sheath has an impressively large surface area that comes with intricately woven surface that promises a smooth, gliding mouse. The model has a non-slip red rubber base that lets you take the control always! The anti fray stitching along the edges makes the piece durable and gives it a long life span. The mouse pad is optimized not just for all kinds of gaming mice but also for all kinds of gaming styles.

11. Corsair Dual-sided Aluminum gaming mouse pad


It is designed in aircraft grade aluminum that makes it rigid and durable. The design has two different types of surfaces to match your different gaming styles—heavy textured finish on one side and sleek, easy glide on the other. This Corsair model has rubberized corners that offer exceptional grip; prevent any slips or any kind of interference. Precision engineering used in the model also helps in accurate tracking so you never miss a shot again!

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