10 Best Mouse for CSGO 2020 – Do Not Buy Before Reading This!

Zowie Gear (EC1A/EC2A)

Steel Series Rival Optical

Steel Series Rival Optical


Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex


Best Mouse for CSGO : When you are playing the competitive CSGO game missed shot can be meaning the difference between sending to team and winning the rounds in the downward spirals of pistol Brushes so that it is pretty that the best gaming mouse is an essential equipment piece for serious CSGO players.

It can be hard to see this forest for 3 though with various companies offering the mouse gaming at various points of price. To help in the search we have analyzed the serious CSGO players are the pros and it made the mice list they use the most, using buying guides.

When playing the global counter strike competitively offensive or for just fun, gaming the setup can be affected the enjoyment and even the level of skill hugely. That is double true when it’s come to this gaming mouse.

Table of Contents

01. Zowie Gear (EC1A/EC2A)


The Zowie BenQ EC2A ergonomic optical mouse is the fantastic mouse that all gamers choose it as the top mouse for gaming. Its feature the desired Avago 3310 sensors are the ergonomically desired mouse, meaning the precision is mixed with the great comfort deal. It’s the plug and plays gaming mouse, meaning no driver is required, which makes it easier to get the playing fastest.

The important about the EC2A is that it has the lower lift distance that is the signature feature of Zowie mouse. That is distance between the mouse bottom and the surface it. The lower is the best in gaming due precision, and these are best in this regard.

EC1A is the same mouse, but various online suggest trying the EC1-A and EC2-A, as they fit various hand grips. If the hand forms the claw grip, try this EC2A and if you use the palm grip, then try EC1-A. Order both and then return you like the least.

The EC in the names of the mouse stands for the Emil Christensen; it is also called as HeatoN. The Swedish former professional counter-strike. Currently, he works as the esports team Ninjas head managers in pajamas.

The mouse bears the namesake and for the best reason is it is the best mouse on this market for counter-strike offensive. Christensen is considered the best player of counter-strike, and the BenQ line came as the result of popularity in the community of eSports.

02. Razer Death Adder Chroma


This is considered the best gaming mouse in the best and it’s the past of why the Razer has become such the household brands when comes to gaming the gear. You can not go wrong with purchasing the Razer gaming mouse, they’re considered top-line no matter that model you’re looking at.

The Death Adder Chroma is in the class, as evidenced by its classy names. Multiple products of Razer are considered as flashy but not essentially well-built products. Luckily for the company fans, the customer testimony seems to be suggested otherwise when comes to this mouse.

This feel, as well as grip, are very excellent, and this mouse is simple and light to move. This mouse somehow manages to be durable, making it the versatile gaming equipment piece for the setup.

The largest downside to this mouse is the software should be installed with it. The gamers report that the software called a Synapse. It can be annoying but also useful somewhat, as it provides heat maps and statistics to track the individual style of play. It is the requirement to use this mouse which means some find out annoying as they may not have to use those types of software. This ability to customize the colors of the mouse is additional for many gamers like to play in the style. There are 16.8 million customization color options available through the program of a synapse. 

The Chroma weight is well distributed as well as balanced to ensure maximum precision control. Additionally, you can be customizing the palette’s color and button functions of the adder using the bundle of software.

03. Steel Series Rival Optical


This model offers various settings and it is highly functional include the software that enables one to even load the settings of a custom table with the nickname. The mouse is the option of budget centric, and these reviews seem to reflect.

The users are not as positive, but you get what you pay for. This mouse has an advanced optical sensor and this same RGB configurations number as the branded competitors, but the people with smaller hands must watch out. This mouse seems to not for them.

These Rivers offer six programmable buttons and the adjustable time of response with the minimum 1ms value. This model is equipped with the optional sensor makes it the perfect FPS games solution, like the CSGO. 

Besides the grips on the steel series mice wear the pretty fast. These materials in general are not all durable, in the fact. This means this mouse probably itself will not last the longest. There are many positive testimonies about the mouse to find out around the internet.

And people love its ergonomics and shapes, when it fits the hands and buttons are responsive apparently, making ideal if you are using as the CSGO mouse of gaming. It isn’t possible to stress enough is precision is the key and means that responsiveness’s as important. The responsiveness leads to be precision.

This model offers multiple settings and it is hugely functional included the software enable to even the loads the custom setting table with the nickname.

04. The Logitech G Pro gaming the FPS mouse with the advance gaming sensor for play competitive


This inexpensive digital sound card with a rather uninspiring name provides home theater audio assistance through a S / PDIF connection. The computer is also able to generate high-quality audio via an incorporated DAC. The device also has an additional key feature, such as the ability to control the bass and triple via a special switch.

StarTech provides a larger, more dual-microphone option for those who do not need a device as small as this one.

05. Logitech G403 Prodigy wireless gaming mouse


This is the standard RBG mouse for gaming, its featuring 16.8 million of the colors in the backlight, onboard memory, and programmable buttons.

This Logitech claims the prodigy is 8 times fast than the standard mouse, which means that the response on this screen is about instantaneous desirable for the wireless mice, as this is not necessarily the case. Many features do require the software of Logitech, but not all features.

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Also, this prodigy touts programmable lighting, accuracy, and comfort, additionally to the lag-free capabilities. Some reviewers report the scrolling function on the mouse isn’t adequate. The firmware of the mouse doesn’t solve the problem as it normally would in these situations.

6. Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex


This mouse performance edition gaming mouse is the mouse that can be fitted the work as well as budget fantastically for the gaming enthusiast.

The mice have lightweight designs that are perfect for the gamers and have accuracy and speed. It bears the sensor that Logitech brags as the most accurate optical sensor. It clocks in with the whooping 12000 dpi impressive for this price.

With this ability to switch the DPI between 5 settings without leaving the game you can quickly change the mouse tuning you have it most. RGB customizable lighting will be never let this mouse boring and you can be changed as the taste changes or the hardware change.

07. Zowie Gear gaming Mouse FK1 and FK2


This FK gear gaming mouse models Zowie will do fine for playing CSGO. For the gaming mouse, you can be switched between DPIs. This implementation allows the user to do the aiming with the greater precision while playing CSGO.

The models are designed for use with the hands, also what is important, you can be used comfortably even if you have bigger palms and longer fingers. To resume, the two models are will be suited for the playing CSGO, LoL, WoW, SC2 and DOTA titles


Zowie S2:

This is a new mouse and this came from the blue. Initially many people were supposed to replace the FK lines but that isn’t the case.

This might be looked at the similar at the first glances, but inspiration, it is clear that this is the shape stands it’s completely. If the comparison has to be made we had said that this is small and box FK has more of the palm filling feeling.

08. Nixeus REVEL


This is the darkest horse of the list. While this brand is nowhere certainly as popular as another on the list this REVEL is the excellent gaming budget mouse. It has 3300 sensors, quality of build is greater as well as shape is the same as the original sensor. This thing rival 110 the best run for its money.

09. Endgame Gear XM1


The German endgame gears caught off the guard with the XM1 mouse of gaming. It is the first product and they have perfectly mailed it. It is the lighter mouse than others so it is so safer to say the switch from the beloved old rival was quite the change.

This was the best mouse changes than the mind. This test shall be continued, but some months still I have not had the single scroll wheel malfunction accident that is the common occurrence in the old giants.

10. Things consider while buying the best Mouse for CSGO


The best mouse for CSGO is not laden with the FPS features also it is ergonomic and design to fit in the hands. The folks with the bigger hands will be found the large comfortable mouse and vice versa for smaller hands.

These problems lie in finding out sufficient models those are small or large since this majority of the mouse gaming manufacturers target the hand average size.

 DPI is most important equally as the FPS gamers. Dot per the inches or the sensitivity of the mouse determines how quickly this cursor moves on this screen for the minute’s twitch of this mouse. Low DPI translates to minimum movement than the high DPI.

However, accuracy has not to do with the DPI as times low DPI is accurate than the high DPI which depending on the gun use.

If your thoughts the buttons, ergonomics, DPI, and response time are the factor influencing the CSGO experience then again thick. There are various factors at here play. The feedback, size, optical sensor, rate of polling, and the types of buttons are as important. 

There are many considerations to make when buying the gaming mouse as well as keyboard, and in selecting the entire setup as a whole. We will explore in this content the number of candidates for the best little gaming mouse for the use in the global offensive. 

CSGO is the competitive game and if you are interested in upping the game, then you’re going to need gaming gear properly. For the gamers’ type, you have a gaming mouse with lower DPI and the highest polling rate together with the best sensor to translate the accurate movements.

Exactly that’s what we have looking at when picking the gaming mouse together with looking at what all the top CSGO pro is using.

With the increase in this competitive scene players desire to competes with each other and new talent is discovered every single year for people to compete at the high level, the best mice are required that is why we show the best mouse for CSGO is available, also you must take the quicker look at these guides of the monitor for CSGOs because without the best monitor you will at the disadvantages.

Over these years, the 1st person shooter games of video have been soaring in owing popularity to the growing interest in online gaming of multiplayer.

Without a doubt, this CSGO is the all-time favorite of zealous million gamers from around the globe. This counter strike requires the players to be quicker as every shot count. It’s more crucial for players to alert remain lest the enemies around the corner takedown.

Having the best mouse is essential as it’s indeed the most important gaming equipment piece that can make a significant difference to the overall performance in this game.

The main part about owning the best mice is that complements the gaming ameliorates and setups of CSGO experience to a greater extent. Contrary to famous belief, choosing the gaming mouse per the preferences and style of playing is the cake piece provided that put in this needed effort. You should be developed a thorough understanding of the scenario gaming and familiarize with the many basic gaming mice feature.

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Before purchasing the mouse, you should analyze the configuration flexibility to be determined you would be getting wider customization range options with the product or not. This way will be getting the biggest bang for the buck. 

Another factor to take into account before making the buy is the ergonomics, comfort level, sturdiness, tracking performance, and durability.

Taking note of all the vital points at this similar time can be the uphill the tasks. To make these things the little simpler and save the valuable time, extensively reviewed all options available in this market you can be making the best selection without difficulty.

Best mouse for CSGO:

This has been in most games chart for three past years, with a sudden increase in the popularity the scene of competitive exploded. In three year game went from the bigger size competitive scene due to the predecessor CS to being among the well paid esports along with stronger contenders like as Legends league and Dota two.

CSGO is the competitive game and if you’re interested in upping the game, then you’re going to need gaming gear properly. For the gamers’ type, you have a gaming mouse with lower DPI and a higher polling rate together with the best sensor to translate the accurate movements.

With the increase in this competitive scene players desire to compete with each other and new talent are discovered every single year for people to compete at the high level, the best mice are required that is why we show the best mouse for CSGO is available, also you must take the quicker look at these guides of the monitor for CSGO because without the best monitor you will be at the disadvantages.

This is all about the crosshair placement, spray patterns and accuracy if you have the worst mouse it will skip the pixels resulting in the terrible overall accuracy, this can fatal for the competitive player even the split sec is the comparison between life and the death in the game, we will be shown the best mouse you could be bought, the hardware spoke and brands are used current professional players with top-notch sensors will make sure you will not skip the single pixel and increasing the accuracy larger possible. 

The things keep in your mind before we proceed to show the specifics of every mouse is you should not choose the things which based on what the favorite players are using, you must choose what will be fitting well and that looks comfortable in hand, is equal and not each mouse is best.

 Various gamers love to be like the pros. It does not matter if it the basketball, football and the gaming pro. We would be liked to play, have the moves, or even gear. In these contents, we are picking the mouse’s topics that CSGO pros use. Like another gear, the mouse is most important for the gamer to show the skill and get better results. There are some types, and every single is somehow different from another, by faster, lighter, and has more colors and dpi.

There is something, and even the shape has the act when you are choosing the best mouse for the needs of playing CSGO on a good level possible.

Nowadays the mouse production industry, like another connected with the gaming exploding and then bringing some new things in shorter time frames.

Even a few are mouse categorize as the first class can be recommended to each one without being afraid of being disappointed. There isn’t famous because every mouse has pros as well as cons there are current leaders. Various professional players seem to enjoy so gaming mice for CSGO pick it will serve the purpose.

CSGO is the most famous 1st person shooter which is around the world. With the peak of over 700K concurrently players in Jan 2018, this game is going still stronger despite that it is a few years old at the point. This testament to game fun mechanics as well as superior replay the ability.

It is possible to achieve the greater thing with average CSGO equipment. This skill cap for a game is highly incredible. Of you have to rank in the game upper echelons, in the higher master guardian rank, equipment quality can be making all these differences. We have rounded some best mouse for CSGO will give the edge to take the game to this level.

10 Best Mouse for CSGO:

This is all about the crosshair placement, spray patterns and accuracy if you have the worst mouse it will skip the pixels resulting in the terrible overall accuracy, this can fatal for the competitive player even the split sec is the comparison between life and the death in the game, we will be shown the best mouse you could be bought, the hardware spoke and brands are used current professional players with top-notch sensors will make sure you will not skip the single pixel and increasing the accuracy larger possible. There are 10 best mice for CS GO buying information while buying the best are as follows: 

Types of grip:

In tight situations, several people gravitate towards the claws grips with these fingers curled while others prefer clutching at the tight mouse with the palms. When you’re dominating the opponent, you may be relaxed and then switched for the finger grip.

Each one has the default styles of grip, but in different situations, the grip changes. To be the successful CSGO gamers, you need to feel comfortable with the mouse in all the grips. The best the fit, faster, and accurate you will be.

We are seldom aware when suddenly we change grip in the game middle. Its human nature to react to changing situations and the change in the grip is that. If the mouse is short, the experience the drop in accuracy switching to the grip palm. The objective as the CSGO gamer is to find out the mouse is responsive and comfortable the size concerns keeping in the mind many types of grips.

Perfect size:

Get the measuring right tape and measure the playing hand starting from the wrist all the method up to the tips of the finger? If you fall above 7.5 inches anywhere, you need larger hands. But if you fall 6.5 inches. you need smaller hands and have the compact mouse of gaming.

Find out the right size is the fundamental component in finding the best fit. You have the mouse to sit comfortably in the palms without the wiggle room. Besides, the fingers must stretch over these edge buttons without tipping over.

The size of the mouse for the hands will feel accurate as well as comfortable. After all, stressful situations, you might be going the palm intense and then grip the tight mouse. Also, you could switch to the claw grips and then have the fingers to hit the quick buttons.  

Optical or lasers:

It’s the first time we introduce the difference between optical and laser mouse. In all the guides of a mouse, we choose to skip the segment because they perform at par in all the situations barring. First-person games of a shooter.

There is a huge comparison between these two used sensors commonly in the gaming mouse. In terms of technical, the optical mouse use the optical sensors emit the light rays, that bounce the top of the given surface. And laser is concentrated highly beams which reflect off single unevenness or bump on this surface use on it.

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Laser mouse has naturally high DPI ranges with the sensor that can catch more information. This tracking is more accurate, but it’s due to the higher precision degree that can cause the jitters. As per the gamers, this translates to movements on this screen you never intended to do.

The jitters are the laser technology limitations, and it has things to do with the surface on that you use the mouse. No surface can be ever truly flat. Laser mice are accurate; naturally, it picks on the tiny crevice, ridge, and peak on the mouse pad, the optical mouse.

These games like CSGO benefits from high DPI setting but more from efficiency and stability. Optical sensors are more efficient because they work on the surface and don’t suffer from cross hair jitters.

Polling rate:

The speed at that the mouse communicates with the computer is called the rate of polling. It’s measured in Hz or Hertz and for the gaming mouse to smoothly function CSGO, 500Hz the least you have.

When we can say 500 Hz, translates to 2ms for the information to flow between the computer and mouse. Same as 1000Hz rate of polling signifies 1ms.

High the polling rate, best the accuracy in CSGO. As per the computer receives the information from this mouse, assimilates this data into crosshair movement and on-screen commands.

The downsides to high polling rates are that it required the great power of a computer. CPUs are quite capable of managing higher polling rates.

As per the gamers, higher polling rates helps to reduce reaction times and improve the aim. Via the polling rate is not the criteria to determine the aim it plays the main role in improving upon the natural abilities to aim.

Sensitivity and DPI:

DPI is the side of hardware whereas the Sensitivity is the software of the sensitivity index of the mouse. Its recommended always to keep the two settings constants or turned off and change as per the fixed value of the former.

In gamers such as CSGO, you keep set the sensitivity and change your DPI. The dot per inch is the speed with the physical movement of the mouse that will be translated into action on this screen. The high-resolution screens will be registered the low change as opposed to low-resolution screens.

Take the 550 dpi mouse. If the screen resolutions are the 1080p, you can cover 550 dots an inch, but if suddenly you change the 144p resolution, you will be covered various distance technically still you hit 550dpi. Because that is DPI is translating the movement of a mouse onto the screen which depending on the resolution of the display.

If you play games at 2000 or 4000, consider getting the top line higher DPI mouse custom profile. For many CSGO gamers having 3 DPI settings are sufficient longer as higher is at 1000dpi.

With the new mice, the settings of DPI can feel different get used to feel, practice with the new mouse for at least some hours before entering the gaming as you may find out the new design, factors, and weights slightly foreign.

Mechanical switches:

Some manufacturers make the mechanical switches, but the most famous are Omron switches and cherry switches. Both switch behaviors to mechanical keys in the register the click receiving sufficient weight or force amount.

Naturally, with the fixed the force required to depress like a switch, you have not accidents, and neither does make an accidental second click.

The mechanical switch increases the gaming mouse price, but it’s worth investing in the device. Having complete control over when you have to fire, reload and another activity in CSGO, gives that the edge when you’re in the intense battle for the survival against the horde of the enemies.


The gaming mouse tracks the movements with precision. However, several devices come with the support of acceleration. If you find out the manufacturer includes acceleration in the software mouse, disable immediately.

The feature in some gaming mouse in panning across large maps but doesn’t help in the FPS gaming. It increases the cursor speed movement the more moves the mouse instead of using the fixed speeds which relative to the handy movements.


If you can be afforded known brands with founded models, then don’t bother reading the section. If you have an affordable solution with the fewer features essential for CSGO gaming, you can be looked at some Chinese companies. There are some new entrants with the models offering many settings of DPU, Higher rates of polling Omron such as switches and design of ergonomic. They tend to draw inspiration from successful models and brands through costing less. 

Macros and custom profiles:

This is the first-person shooter, and the objectives of first-person shooters are to shoot the opponents dead. This game involves main tow activities reload and shoot. The mouse is maximum sufficient to handle the FPS game if it has two buttons and the scroll wheels.

The customs macros and profiles haven’t place in the FPS games like CSGO. You can be configured the extra buttons of a mouse to throw duck or grenades but nothing more.


This setting to consider is CPI. That’s sometimes referred to as the DPI that is not correct. CPI means for Count per inches, and essentially refers to the counts the mouse will be sent to the operating system when a move by the inches.

If the DPI of mouse uses 800CPI, it will be moved 800 pixels on this screen for each inch the mouse is moved. Basically, that means the CPI is proportional to how faster the in-game of the mouse’s sensitivity is. High CPI does not best performance. 

Windows sensitivity:

This is especially the settings of windows for sensitivity that changes the sensitivity of the mouse in an aspect of the operating system, not CSGO. The changes the inputs to raw disable the effect setting on the games plays. There aren’t magic numbers for the settings. You make sure to experiment and find out what is best.

Wired and wireless:

The wireless mouse has accused being impassive to the higher games speed requires. And the wired mouse is quicker as the cat and it is stronger reflexes give the gamer the upper hand in this game.

But in a few years, the wireless mouse is catching with the wired mouse technology to give the gamers move autonomy and easy to move around while cutting on the clutter.

But the wireless mouse concerns the life of a battery, battery weight, and the lagging matter remains, that isn’t acceptable by the gamers. Some manufacturers companies need manufactured mouse with batteries last longer for five hours.

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