10 Microphone for Streaming 2020 – Do Not Buy Before Reading This!

Zalman ZM-Mic1 2020

Zalman ZM-Mic1

Blue Snowball 2020

Blue Snowball

Sony ECM CS3 2020

Sony ECM-CS3


Streaming means listening to music as well as watching the video in real-time and instead of downloading a file to your computer and watching it later. With the help of internet videos as well as webcasts of the live real-time events, there is no need to download the file you can just a continuous stream of data.
A microphone is a tool that converts and records the sound vibrations into the air. This facilitates other forms of audio capture devices, including multiple conversations, and music and speech recording using microphones. The best streaming microphone is to provide for the speaker and the listener.
Frequently microphones are designed for a purpose and one of the main observations aside from the type of device is what is being recorded. For microphone configuration and omnidirectional microphones, all sound in the field can be captured but poorly for a single topic between simple noises.
The very first microphone was a liquid mechanism and that used a diaphragm attached to a currently charged needle in a solution of diluted sulfuric acid solution. Microphone operating principle is the type of microphone that converts the fluctuations in pressure into the electrical current.
These types of microphones work on the basis of the law. The principle states that an electrical conductor is converted into a conductor by traveling through a magnetic field.
These microphones are used in numerous applications, such as telephones, hearing aids, concert hall public address systems as well as public events and films, megaphones, streaming and many more.
4 types of microphones are a dynamic microphone, this is the dynamic mics are the workhorses of the microphone world. The second type is large diaphragm condenser microphones and the third is small diaphragm condenser microphones as well as the last ribbon microphones.
The world of digital sound can be confusing but as with everything, it all boils down to the price and streamer slang for money. For the streaming microphones always notice the quality of the sound and as well as importantly HOW it sounds. Chances that you already know which one of them sounds the best and the quality of sound is best.

Table of Contents

1. Zalman ZM-Mic1


A better headphone microphone is hardly available at that price since the Zalman ZM-Mic1 performs in good conditions surprisingly well. You can get a clear voice log, even when the microphone pictures easily reveal background sounds.
The high sensitivity microphone comes with three mini clips to prevent tangled cables. Zalman ZM-Mic1 is certainly not the best mic on the market, but it’s a great way if you look for a cheap and potent mic.

2. Blue Snowball


In comparison to the previous one on our page, you can choose a polar pattern during a live stream by using a Blue Snowball. You can either select the omnidirectional design, which collects sounds from all directions, or a cardioid pattern, which records only sounds directly into the microphone.
The setup is fast and easy, as you just need to log on to a computer via a USB port and are prepared to start streaming. Blue Snowball has a microphone stand which helps you to change its height to find the best location during each Twitch broadcast.

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3. Sony ECM-CS3


Compact, stylish and strong, the Sony ECM-CS3 delivers superb quality sound at a ridiculously low rate. You can connect the microphone to the audio port of a computer, and like any lavalier microphone, it contains a clip that allows you to connect it to a shirt or to any other clothing you wear during a broadcast. The clip rotates around 360 degrees so that your voice can not be too quiet or too loud.
The Sony Microphone only has an omnidirectional pattern that captures background sounds in all directions, but it should not be a big problem if you stream from a relatively calm environment.

4. Antlion Mod Mic 5


Gaming consoles and computers for playback use should take modular microphones, like Antlion Mod Mic 5 into consideration. This boom mic can easily be attached to a pair of Smartphones and comes with an USB and Y adapters to allow you to simultaneously stream 3.5 mm headphone jackets, and a microphone jack.
Antlion Mod Mic 5 allows you to choose between studio and noise cancellation by simply turning over a switch, with 1 m and 2-meter cables, allowing you to freely move through the whole live stream.

5. Razer Seiren X


The Razer Seiren X is easily one of the best microphones to stream on the market with a frequency response range from 20Hz to 20kHz.
This microphone also has a Super Cardioid pickup pattern, which records audio at a sharp angle, along with a broad frequency response range. Nonetheless, the Razer Series X gathers background noises which can be very distracting when you use the keyboard a lot over the web.
It has an integrated shock mount that decreases undesirable sound peaks and has 0 latency, which removes echoes and allows you to hear how you sound.
Price does not often guarantee quality, but if the tone in your Twitch radios is crystal clear, some of the options listed below must be taken into consideration.
Here are some of the most common high-end gaming microphones on Twitch.

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6. Blue Jeti


Blue Jeti is already a favorite among streamers, podcasters and YouTube video creators as it delivers a variety of models that are missing in its price range. This includes a range of patterns to choose from omnidirectional, cardioid, 2-or stereo patterns.
It is possible to connect Blue Jeti conveniently via USB port to a device and is compatible with both PCs and Mac computers.
You can also control the gain or silence the audio quickly with the mute button. The microphone Blue Jeti has zero latency and a headphone output making it a good choice for live streaming.

7. Samson G-Track Pro


His versatility is the main reason for our addition of this microphone to the top ten list. It can be used as a two-way Audio Mixer which helps you to choose from various recording styles. Samson G-Track Pro is a USB microphone which needs no extra software to record audio, and is compatible with computers from Mac and PC.
Sturdy and built to last, Samson G-Track Pro surpasses most Twitch streamers and delivers excellent audio quality that will please all viewers.

8. Audio-Technica AT2035


The amplification from this recording approach can be used for many other sources than Twitch. Indeed, it is a studio mic, which performs well in low and high sound recording. Please be aware that, despite the cardioid grabbing pattern, this is a condenser mic and can easier collect background noises.
You might want to see to it that your audio is flawless in every stream.

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9. Rode NT-USB


Rode microphones are at the forefront of the industry for a long time, so it is hardly shocking that this cardiovascular condenser is one of Twitch’s most common solutions.
It has a pop filter that softs harsh sounds such as hard b, t, or p. You can just plug it into a USB port and start recording in order to make it even better, which means it will not take time to set up.
The mic is fitted with a mixing control so that your sound and voice is perfectly balanced.

10 . Blue Blackout Spark SL


The Blue company’s microphones currently dominate the market, as they combine features with high-end audio capability. Blue Blackout Spark ST is yet a powerful condenser microphone to create audio that needs little post-processing. This is another good example.
It does however take background noises so you should keep the environment in which you record as quietly as you possibly can, to make your streams free of unwanted sounds.


Sharing live streams of video games, you play should be fun, but you can’t really have fun if the equipment you’re using is malfunctioning. 

Choosing a reliable microphone that produces great audio quality will enable you to communicate with your audience clearly, as well as your teammates if you are playing multiplayer games. In any case, a good microphone will increase the quality of your broadcasts, which can help you attract new followers that look forward to your next stream.

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