10 Best Keyboard For Cs Go 2020 – Do Not Buy Before Reading This!

Razer black widow Chroma Mechanical Gaming Keyboards


Corsair Strafe mechanical gaming keyboard


CM storm quick fire XT with Cherry MX brown switches


Best keyboard for cs go: In this competitive world of the counter-strikes, even the small factors can be making the difference. That includes the keyboard and the professional can be attested to that.

Every gamer has preferred the keyboard of gaming, and this content will touch on several best keyboard on this market nowadays. In many cases, it is best to look at this gear used by professional CSGO.

If it works, it should be solid gears, maybe the best gaming keyboard. CSGOpedia is always the best place to go to learn that gaming gear pieces the professional use, such as this review of gaming keyboards.

This has the handy available for everyone to be looked at if she or he wishes to be emulated the favorite setup professional gamer.

Every one of the keyboards which featured is mechanical. Various default keyboards included with the average personal computer days are membrane keyboards that mean they’re composed of 3 membranes with rubber switches underneath the key.

Table of Contents

1. Razer black widow Chroma Mechanical Gaming Keyboards


The first and maybe the favorite gaming keyboard come from the Razer. This stylish keyboards released in 2010 become the highest-selling keyboards in the world through time. It could be the reason why various sports athlete using keyboards to enhance the performances. This comes with the best performance and green switches player to have the best faster speed and precision.

This built with the programmable backlit keys and Chroma color 16.8 million options will be easy to set up via this keyboard. That means you can be setting all these different lighting effect games uniquely.

It prefers the unique setup, this keyboard known for the long life and durability until 60 million of the keystrokes. The premium products have ever been developed by the Razer.

This is the keyboard for CSGO is only to have an additional five macro keys, the 3.5mm USB port, microphone port and headphone port on that are greater for the experience of gaming.

This is reported to have downsides as per some review of users. They said that this keyboard has the main narrow area and the num lock and cap lock indicator position is harder to be seen from the normal angle of typing

2. Corsair Strafe mechanical gaming keyboard


Creative is one of the market leaders for external sound chips, and its most recent creation is the Sound BlasterX G6. This is a flexible way for converting your playbox, Mac or MP3 player to audio.

This features 7.1 virtual surround sound and Hi-Res audio formats. Dolby Digital encoding. In her price category it’s a non brainer pick.

3. Corsair K70 RGB rapid-fire gaming keyboard


We recommend trying this keyboard you aren’t on the budget and feel this ultimate faster performance of gaming. No wonder if this price of the mechanical game keyboard is amazing.

 Built with the quicker lightening responsiveness, the fullest key rollover, and pure anti ghosting technology, the rapid-fire can be kept on the track and then deliver the best key press anytime.

It’s developed with pure speed gaming key switches with faster 1.2mm actuation are 40 percent faster than the standard switches.

While delivering a faster response, the CUE technology of the mechanical keyboard enables sophisticated macros and the drastic effects of lighting.

The wireless keyboard works on the 2.4 Gigahertz radio frequency completed with USB past through the designed for the uninterrupted game play.

Unless the best performance, this has some downsides such as these colors do not work on the apple PC and some customers reviews told that the keyboard lacks the durability when its spilled with liquid or water.

4 . CM storm quick fire XT with Cherry MX brown switches


Tough this keyboard is cheaper; it has still the quality to include in the best keyboards. This mechanical keyboard used to be heavier and look so much serious, but this CM storm quicker fire was designed with the super profile slim to match the best comfortable and ergonomic typing angles.

Also, it provides some switches technology and the thousand hertz driverless polling response time that fast work, so comfort and precise. You will not suffer fatigue after play this game in the longer term.

 You can amaze the durability has the lifespan 50 million keystrokes, the medium resistance, and some little bumpy feedbacks. For not interrupted game playing, the keyboard completed with the game mode set that makes it possible to disable windows key that sometimes hit accidentally. This multimedia shortcut will allow taking whole music and video playback control.

When you buy this keyboard then you will get the six replacements keycaps, remover of the keycap, and USB cable with golden plated connectors and the quick start guides.

Best combinations for someone who has to start the experience with the mechanical keyboard for the first time. Some keyboard downsides are lesser compatibility with the Mac, no backlight that’s essential for gaming, the super rubber stationery will be made it hard moved on the desk surface.

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5. Rose will RK900V2 keyboard with Cherry MX Blue Switches


Rose will provide the best Keyboard for the CSGO 2019 can be the best preference if you’re on a tight budget, and have the chapter mechanical keyboard for the requirement of gaming.

This Rose will build with pure switches that bring the faster as well as precise response and greater tactile feedback when you’re pushing or typing the key buttons.

Also, this keyboard packed with something that the gamer keyboard should need, the N key rollover function delivers up to 104 keys that can be pressed at a similar time on PS/2 mode.

With the durability including the longer lifespan up to 50 million clicks and the sturdy internal red chassis metal, this keyboard is another best option for both typing and professional gaming when you’re the payer of CSGO.

You do not worry about these windows key used to interface with the game during the battle. The keyboard has the windows key locks to disable these windows key functions as you want. The backlight roses will RK 9000V2 color is adorable.

This isn’t expensive fit the choice but remembers that it cannot connect to Mac, seems a small but fragile and this keyboard cable bends when it’s moved inconveniently for some pro-gamer and user.

6. Das keyboard four professional with cherry MX blue switch


This is the German manufactured the keyboard that will be bringing the greater experience when performing the CSGO. These switches inside this keyboard have the click tactile the bump while these NKRO buttons will be making the move faster.

The company claimed that this switch is most keyboards click they’re released. Speaking about itself, this professional top panel is made from the new anodized aluminum slightly improved the durability as well as lifespan.

Also, it completed with the magnetic foot bar to adjust the position of a keyboard on the best four-degree angle. If you have the keyboard to transfer documents or videos to the personal computer but have not time to wait for the hours.

It’s built with the 2 port super speed 3.0 hub speed to transfer the largest files up to 5 GB a second.

This oversize knob of volume on the keyboard will help to adjust the volume of video calls and movies and music that you’re watching quickly and easily.

7. Logitech G710+ blue mechanical gaming keyboard


This is known for the best keyboard worldwide, this has a mechanical keyboard that worth purchasing and becomes the best keyboard for CSGO. This comes with a larger keyboard that enters the game commands fast along with the tactile feedback.

Built with the actuation distance and force of 4 millimeters and 45 grams, this keyboard has tested to prove the durability reaches the lifespan until key presses 50 million. Also, you can easily configure up to individual 18 functions using 3 macros a G key on this game.

 All 110 keys in this keyboard are hugely calibrated to prevent anti ghosting technology that means you can be holding and then pressing many keys without being afraid to press the wrong key. The 26 keys rollover in the keyboards make it possible to press almost the keys including the alt, shift, and control to see the result, you will be getting what intended to do.

For the convenience while playing the intense game, this keyboard packed with the detachable palm rest provides some stability and comfort. If you have to connect multimedia like the video to a computer can be used the USB port in the instant keyboard.

8. Cooler master master keys Pro L RGB keyboard


If you have needed that colors can customize with or without the software, the keyboard will fit. No need to download software to install completely and then customize this keyboard. Using pure authentic brown switches, the keyboard works faster and will be meeting the entire gamers’ demands. This sound is quieter and silent even when you pressing or typing the button keys hard.

Downsides reported for these keyboard pros. Some reviews reported that the keyboard cable was the bit so shorter the setup and the backlight color is bluish and not completely pure crisp green. We won’t forget to mention this product hasn’t hardware connectivity so that you haven’t the option to connect another device via this keyboard.

9. Logitech G910 Orion Spark Gaming Keyboard


This keyboard will make the CSGO session of gaming much fun and enjoyable is the RGB G910 Orion Spark. This itself claimed and then proved that this keyboard is the fastest RGB mechanical gaming keyboard in the world built with exclusive switches performs up to fast response of 25%.

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If this keyboard provides an average of 50 million life spans of keystrokes, you will love this keyboard durability that can endure up to 70 million keystrokes last in a few years.

You must not worry about replacing the mechanical keyboard with others after the year bought it. This iscustomizing the keyboard backlight for individual keys and get ready to amaze with the 16.8 million of brilliant colors. This gaming software preloaded with the lighting profiles over a maximum of 300 games. 

Be the top leader and get information about the game with the Keyboard to help control app and do not miss the additional information that will be displayed via IOS Smartphone and android or tablet.

This keyboard has instant access to play mute, volume, and pause control for the best digital experience of audio. The best keyboard comes with some downsides you must notice before bring the keyboard home. This keyboard lighting colors can change while this software is running on. 

10. Steel Series Apex M500 Illuminated Gaming Keyboard


This will steal the attention of the gamer looking for the cheaper the best quality keyboard to perform in CSGO or on other games. This becomes the 2nd mechanical keyboard that has been released the steel series company after first.

It brings the new mechanical gaming keyboard standard with Cherry MX red switches specially designed to meet the pro gamers’ demands.

You will like the handsome LED blue light on the back of single keys and also it delivers visibility and styles. This keyboard proved the durability by Cherry MX key presses guarantee ensures a similar feeling even keep using after 50 millions of clicks.

All the best points have mentioned and so comes the keyboards downside. Some reviews told that this keyboard doesn’t work with KVM switches which means you cannot switch to share the keyboard, mouse, and monitor with 2 or more computers. 

Wired or wireless:

The first thing is deciding that find of the keyboard that you will be choosing whether it is wired or wireless. You know that you do not play in a shorter time while performing the games but longer hours so that you have a truly comfortable environment and keyboard.

Look at the environment. If you have the smaller space or desk you can be going for the wireless or if you have the desks look neat without the cable bend also you can pick whether it uses the RF connectivity or Bluetooth.

But if you have the simple, no batteries and less expensive keyboard you can be picked the wired as the choice. 


Before you pick the mechanical keyboard for playing CSGO you should understand the term properly switches. These mechanical keyboard switches refer to this switch lay underneath the key on the device.

It also delivers the signal to this computer each time the keys being pressed. Various switches types you can be found out on many gaming keyboards including Razer Green, Cherry MX, and Roamers but this cherry MX is recommended for the CS GO gamers.

It provides fast, durable, and lighter keys along with the silent noise of clicking.These switches are very common and recognizable but there are alternative switches, and, a bunch of the up market switches to choose from. Check the buying guides of the best keyboard and then buy the best keyboard.


Buying something that less durability and lower prices have a high risk because you will be needed to replace with the new if this keyboard broke after shorter usage time. Before you purchase the best read various reviews of customers for the product and if you find the durable and having a longer lifespan surely can be picked it.

The best gaming keyboard must need at least the life cycle of up to 50 million strokes. Also, it will be great if you can be picking the keyboard with a maximum of 50 to 79 million hits so that you can be played the CSGO for many years without worry.


Many gaming keyboards come with the backlight of LED will light of the gaming session. Without this LED the game will feel a little bit awkward and boring if you used to play the game at night.

Making sure gaming the keyboard has the backlight of LED and do not forget to check this software that is required to control this LED. If you don’t like to download or use any software to LED turn on or turn off. You can be choosing a keyboard that can be controlled without the software.


Whatever you have to purchase whether PC, headset, monitor, or mechanical keyboard for gaming, you must consider the device prices that you desired except you aren’t who has a limited budget and can be bought you have to enhance the performance of gaming.

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Choose the gaming keyboard meets all needs but has low prices than the premium designed keyboards. Also, it’s crucial to compare the same device price on different stores, so that you can be picked a suitable keyboard. Also, you can be waited for the sale season to get the best keyboard with a larger discount.

 Extra button:

Since you’re playing CSGO and some another game with keyboards, we think won’t require the extra button. But if you play MMO game types or have more multimedia keys of function keys, the extra buttons are recommended hugely.

This extra button will be helped control some function of multimedia including the adjustment of volume, also you can bind the macros to the extra button so that you can be enjoyed this game in a comfortable method.


If you can be afforded known brands with founded models, then don’t bother reading the section. If you have an affordable solution with the fewer features essential for CSGO gaming, you can be looked at some Chinese companies.

There are some new entrants with the models offering many settings of DPU, Higher rates of polling Omron such as switches and design of ergonomic. They tend to draw inspiration from successful models and brands through costing less. 

Perfect size:

Find out the right size is the fundamental component in finding the best fit. You have the mouse to sit comfortably in the palms without the wiggle room. Besides, the fingers must stretch over these edge buttons without tipping over.

The size of the mouse for the hands will feel accurate as well as comfortable. After all, stressful situations, you might be going the palm intense and then grip the tight mouse. Also, you could switch to the claw grips and then have the fingers to hit the quick buttons.  


Consider that the product warranty before you buy the keyboard when purchasing from an online store.

You make sure to get the official warranty from the manufacture for less than one year so you have not to worry about replacement if you find out the broken key or missing on this keyboard. Do not even try to buy the products at a higher price with no warranty or you will be ended with a disappointing moment.


These keyboard sizes are categorized mainly by the keys on this keyboard and the distance between 2 keys such as key travel or key spacing. This is a vital factor for numerous reasons. Firstly you have to measure the gaming table to see how much space you have. The aim is an important thing in CSGO.

You have needed the best mouse and lower sensitivity in the order to have the best aim. To have a lower sensitivity, definitely you have the bigger mouse pad.

You have not the keyboard to be going over the mouse pad and take the valuable spaces you may have to lift the mouse. If you have the smaller table of gaming with no space you must consider purchasing the small keyboard without Numpad.

The keyboards take minimum space and the distance between the keyboard and mouse is shot. On another side, you will have not the mechanical Numpad that can be useful really outside of this game. If you have enough space, you have not worried about that and you aren’t limited at all. 

Anti Ghosting:

Lower quality and lower price keyboards have the problem known as ghosting. This keyboard ghosting occurs when pressing many keys at a similar time and several of them are lost due to the ability of the keyboard to process signals simultaneously. The phenomenon is called a ghosting key. Let us say you play CS GO and you have to move forward, crouch, jump, and left at the same time. You will have to press A, W, SPACE and, CTRL at this same time and some will be lost so that commands will not go through. 

Anti Ghosting is the software added to the keyboard that helps to prevent the anti ghosting. You will not lose the keystrokes due to multiple simultaneous key presses there are some keys on the keyboard. The best CSGO keyboards have to need the Anti-ghosting implemented it.


By getting all this information, the best gaming keyboard might seem such as the rather extravagant luxury addition to the setup of PC, but do not all deserve to spoil? It makes sense that the pick the gaming keyboard that is comfortable, robust, and most importantly responsive. And it has the whole RGB LED bunch, obviously. You are after the speedy the key press for the faster-paced game, you have to make humdrum typing tasks the more enjoyable, and the guide will be helped to find out what you need.

There are many crossovers with the best keyboards featured on the list, but we have included a couple of expensive, but higher quality membrane variants. These types of a switch are arguably the important choice to make while picking the new gamin keyboard. These switches are very common and recognizable but there are alternative switches, and, a bunch of the up market switches to choose from. Check the buying guides of the best keyboard and then buy the best keyboard.

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