10 Best Csgo Headset 2020 – Do Not Buy Before Reading This!

N11 gaming headset for csgo

Logitech G930

Best csgo headset : Whether you’re a casual or a hard-core gamer of counter strike global offensive or csgo, having the best headset for csgo can take your gaming experience to the succeeding level.

Having a high quality headset can help you enjoy the game even more since csgo includes in-game sounds in predicting the actions of the enemies and locating them.

However, the market is flooded with different brands of gaming headsets. With this, you might find it a bit confusing to choose which one suits you best.

Types of headphone:

The term headphone might be confusing for a lot of people regarding the form factor. Majority of us consider a headphone as the larger, bulkier big brother of earphones, but is it so?

In reality, earphones do come under the headphone category, but it is to a better understanding of the consumers these products are classified as earphones and headphones on most websites.

There are several types of the headsets designs each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

We will list out the few most commonly available designs in the market and briefly mention their positives and negatives.

On-ear headphone:

These type of headphones are also called supra-aural headphones or open back design headphones.

Such headphones will have considerably less weight compared to the other types of headphones.

  • On-ear headphones benefits are listed as:

There is no fatigue to ear:

To and from ears there is enough space for air in this headset though it is designed as on ear type. 

This reduces heating of earlobes and subsequently the ear fatigue while listening to longer periods of time.


Lightweight headphones won’t induce any irritation to those who wear it.

Unlike heavy and bulky headphones, these devices stay stealthy on top of our head, without any noticeable heft.

  • On-ear headphones drawbacks are listed as:

There is no passive noise insulation. Since the ear is left open to the air passage, background noises will easily interfere with the music and make the experience less rewarding.

Smaller speaker drivers:

On-ear headphones usually come equipped with smaller diameter speakers than the over-the-ear counterparts, resulting in less pronounced sound quality.

Over-the-ear headphones:

Over-the-ear headphones are also known as circum aural headphones or closed back design headphones. These types of headsets clearly and completely cover the whole or entire ear

Most of the budget headphones available in the market belong to this kind.

  • What are the advantages of over the ear headphones?

Noise isolation:

Since the earpiece cushion covers the entire earlobes, it is quite tough for the background noises to enter the ear canal. There is calm and relaxing experience is given by the use of the over the ear headphones.

Bigger speaker drivers:

The size of the over-the-ear headphones is larger compared to the on-ear style headphones.

This allows them to have bigger and better speaker drivers for much more enhanced sound output.

  • What are the disadvantages of over-the-ear headphones?

Chance of ear pain and fatigue is more:

Longer listening sessions with over the ear headphones might induce ear pain and fatigue.

Heavy and bulky:

Since these devices feature large drivers and earpieces, the headphones can get heavy and might cause irritation to the users.

Canal phones:

On various e-commerce website, you will get every range of the canalphones as per your budget, you have to look for the bets rated examples first.

  • What are the benefits of canalphones?

Right ear fir:

To the auditory canal, these canalphones are perfectly fitted due to the elongated shape of tube of the headsets.

Better sound isolation:

The earpiece in the canalphones rests inside the ear canal, forming an acoustic sealed barrier to the outside noise.

  • What are the drawbacks of canalphones?

Fatigue to ear:

Due to long use of the headsets, the injury or irradiation to the ear is possible sometimes.

Prolonged listening may cause hearing problems

The speaker drivers in these earphones blast sound much closer to the eardrum, which might cause hearing problems in the long run.

Closed back headphones:

Closed back headphones are those which come with a sealed back. This planning allows the sound productivity to be directed absolutely.

As a result, it directly reaches your ear. Even this is the main reason why the closed back headphones do not sound very natural.

But the good part of this kind of headphones is that they do block the outside noise. So it does not reach your ear. So you can get better sound clarity.

Open back headphones:

The open back headphones are the opposite of closed back headphones. In these kinds of headphones, the back is open instead of sealed.

As a result, it is opened to outside knowledge. As there are no barriers between your ears and the outside environment.

Even in some models, you can see through the headphone. However, the good part is that it comes with a wider sound stage, and this is what allows you to hear music and ambient sound at the same time.

They are also less bulky compared to the closed back headphones. Hence, they are easy to handle.

But they have poor sound quality. As they attract outside sound way too much. As a result, you fail to get a clear audio experience.

In-ear headphones:

Next, there is the in-ear headphones. In ear headphones are also called as the cancel phones or in ear monitors.

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The reason why they have these names is that their tips are inserted into the ears. Instead of sitting over or around your ears. They channel sounds directly into your eardrums. So you can get a clear sound.

As well as they are very compact in size. And a very great option for listening to music for a longer period of time.

However, in this case, i would not recommend you to share your earphones with others. As they pick up ear dirt easily and may cause germ to spread easily. Also, the sound output is not as good as compared to the other options.


Earbuds are very small headphones that get interested in your ears. In most of the cases, the earbuds are Bluetooth powered. And they are mostly used for audio output.

They are also small in size, and that is why it takes up less space. Hence, they are widely popular around music lovers. As they can carry it anywhere easily.

Just like the in -ear headphones, they should not be shared with others. As it can spread games when you share the earbuds with others.

Also, they can damage your eardrums if you wear it for a longer period of time. So while using them, you need to be careful with the duration of your usage.

Wireless headphones:

Next, there are Bluetooth headphones. They are the wireless headphones that work over a bluetooth connection.

Hence, there is no wired required for the job. Also, because of being wireless, you will not have to deal with wires at all. Also, wireless headphones are more convenient compared to wired headphones.

However, the downside of the headphone is the week signal. If the headphone is way too far from the source device.

You might not get a good sound experience or get any audio output at all. Also, if there are a bunch of people using bluetooth headphones around you, then you will face an interrupted connection.

Types of headsets:

There are some very real variances between earphones, earbuds, and headsets. That doesn’t show that one tool is better than the other as it really depends on what you plan on using it for.

If you’re looking for the best device to use while working out you may have very different needs from someone that’s looking for something that will allow them to make free calls without using hands while driving.

  • Telephone headsets:

Considerations in choosing a headset you must identify the setting in which the headset is going to be centralised, and any necessities the user is going to essential.

The best example of this is to compare an agent in a call centre, or someone working from home or in a quiet office. The main pints to consider:

What is the working environment?

Will they only be on the phone or do they need to interact with colleagues around them?

Do they need to be in front of a screen, or do they need to be mobile?

  • Computer headset:

It is also called as gaming headsets. Buying a good computer gaming headset for the amount you wish to spend can be a difficult task with the vast sea of options all with varying styles and features.

Then there’s fact that what makes the best comfortable and quality headset for PC gaming is oftentimes subjective and will vary from player to player.

  • Mobile phone headsets:

It is nothing but the headphones which are very comfortable or mobile friendly.

  • Wireless headsets:

Wireless headsets are coming with different price based on sound quality, fit type, battery life and make.

How best csgo headset increase csgo performance?

Minute sound quality:

Soundstage refers to the capacity of headset to harvest expansive sounds that are upcoming from dissimilar directions.

It helps you to locate your enemy; it makes it easier for you to determine from where, at what height and what speed someone is coming close to you and you can act as per the situation to win the game.

It provides the gamer utmost comfort:

Many gamers play for 1-2 hours while hard-core gamer’s production for 12-hours. It is not easy to wear an uncomfortable pair of headphones over the ears for a long time.

As a result, they won’t irritate your ears even after hours of playing which will eventually enhance your performance.

Its microphone allows you to hear your team member’s voice:

When playing in groups, it is crucial to make coordination with your teammates. Otherwise, you can lose your game even if you’re not faulty. The best headset for csgo allow you to have a clean, precise sound that’s easy to understand.

Apart from this, it has a built-in noise cancelation feature which can efficiently remove the background noise and make your conversation easy. Hence, buying a good pair of headset can significantly enhance your performance.

These are the reasons you need to buy the best gaming headset for csgo. Currently, there are several brands of headsets available in the market.

Out of those selecting one is a very difficult task. How will you decide what headset is best for csgo?  Well, you need to know the factors you should look for when buying a headset for csgo. In this guide, we are going to tell things to consider when buying a headset for csgo.

Which headset is the best headset for csgo gaming?

Whatever you decide on:

You will want something that’s going to offer at least decent audio quality so that you can clearly distinguish the important stuff in the game. You’ll want to be able to hear what you need to hear:

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What kind of weapons the enemy team is using, how many people are running through tunnels, where that grenade bounced first, and so on.

So even though the positional audio in the game can sometimes be confusing vertigo can be a real mess, for instance it does pay off to get a decent quality set for your ears.

Aside from that you’ll definitely need a mic. Different people have different preferences and if you’re going to be gaming for hours on end you want to make sure that your headsets remains comfortable and doesn’t pressure your noggin too much.

Let’s have a look on 10 best csgo headset from the large of market products:

Table of Contents

N11 gaming headset for csgo


If you are great player of the csgo but now you have strict budget, then don’t worry this type of csgo headset is under cheap budget category which can easily buy by everyone.

It’s simple and elegant design will make you fall in love with this best surround headphone present in the market instantly.

Though the price of the headset is low but there is no compromise with the sound quality. It will just give you very great csgo experience.

This headphone has a great quality microphone with sound cancelling feature so that the communication is loud and clear.

It can be easily adjusted as per your requirement because it is designed in such a way that the customers get the best and comfortable experience while talking in whatever position they like.

It is built with high-quality material if we compare the similar products in this price range.  After using it, you will realize that it is far better in terms of adjustability, skin friendly and lot more.

  • Let’s check out the product specification of N11 gaming headset for csgo:

Driver: 50mm

Frequency Response: 0 to 20 kHz

Microphone Type: Omni-directional

Cable: 2.1m ± 0.25m

Impedance: 33 ohms ± 0.16%

Connector size: 3.5mm

K9 gaming headset for csgo


On a different consoles, who is passionate to passionate to play csgo game, this headset is one of the perfect choice.

It is compatible with all the latest consoles like PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo and the list continuous.

The headsets come with powerful stereo sound with 50mm large driver unit making it the best cheap gaming headset this year. Except this, the built-in noise isolation microphones transmit natural quality sound while communicating.

For all the gamers, it is the most comfortable headsets you can ever have while playing your favourite game.

The over-ear pad gives complete space to ears to breath and the leather material used is skin friendly and doesn’t cause any kind of irritation while wearing.

The build quality of the headsets gives a premium feel and look likes as expensive headsets. If you are looking for the best surround headphones for gaming, then K9 gaming headset is what you need.

  • Product Specifications of K9 gaming headset for csgo:

50mm driver with 0-20,000 Hz Frequency Response is available with this type of headset. The cable is nearly about 2.1m ± 0.15m in length.

There is Omni-directional type of microphone is present in this category of headphones.

Logitech G930


If you are eagerly searching for the best headsets for your pc gaming then you should refer this option of the best headset.

There is isolating ear pads are available with this headset which will give a comfortable gaming experience.

And if talking about the sound quality, the surround sounds never gets merged with the gaming sounds, so you can just play and enjoy your game with this headset though you are in public area.

With regard to the component, the G930 is made of good quality components and got one of the best professional designs.

And the best part is that you won’t need to bother about lagging sound issues since this headset gives about 2.4 GHz wireless connection.

HyperX Cloud II

StarTech.com ICUSBAUDIO2D External Sound Card

This inexpensive digital sound card with a rather uninspiring name provides home theater audio assistance through a S / PDIF connection. The computer is also able to generate high-quality audio via an incorporated DAC. The device also has an additional key feature, such as the ability to control the bass and triple via a special switch.

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StarTech provides a larger, more dual-microphone option for those who do not need a device as small as this one.

5. Creative Sound BlasterX G1 External Sound Card

Creative Sound BlasterX G1 External Sound Card

If you want to upgrade your audio for your headset, you should look at the sound card of Creative Sound BlasterX G1.
You can hear tracks from a distance during games such as Fortnite or PlayerUnknown’s Battlefields with this option. It supports real 7.1 audio signals and improves sound performance immediately to provide a more immersive gaming experience.

6. ASUS Sound Card Xonar U5 External Sound Card

ASUS Sound Card Xonar U5 External Sound Card

If you want to upgrade your audio for your headset, you should look at the sound card of Creative Sound BlasterX G1.
You can hear tracks from a distance during games such as Fortnite or PlayerUnknown’s Battlefields with this option. It supports real 7.1 audio signals and improves sound performance immediately to provide a more immersive gaming experience.

7. FiiO E10K External Sound Card

FiiO E10K External Sound Card

If you want to upgrade your audio for your headset, you should look at the sound card of Creative Sound BlasterX G1.
You can hear tracks from a distance during games such as Fortnite or PlayerUnknown’s Battlefields with this option. It supports real 7.1 audio signals and improves sound performance immediately to provide a more immersive gaming experience.

8. Creative Sound Blaster X7 External Sound Card

Creative Sound Blaster X7 External Sound Card

The Creative Sound Blaster X7 is the external sound card for you without budget constraints. The X7 has a high-resolution digital / analog converter, a studio-grader headphone amplifier and more connectivity options than you can shake a holder for the most feature-rich offering in this roundup. Bluetooth 4.1 and NFC include high-quality audio streaming.
The X7 is also available in a flashy white colour, as a limited version, if you feel like splurging further.

9. Creative Sound Blaster Omni External Sound Card

Creative Sound Blaster Omni External Sound Card

The unit is fitted with a pair of microphones for superior voice call output, 5.1-channel sound assistance and realistic control software. The amplifier is capable of powering even very challenging headphones (up to 600-ohm impedance).
Although this sound card does not address audiophiles, the Sound Blaster Omni is an excellent choice if you look for an easy way to improve the integrated audio in your computer without breaking down your bank.

10.Sabrent USB External Stereo Sound Adapter

Sabrent USB External Stereo Sound Adapter

A present and a play interface and a low-price tag are included on the Sabrent digital sound card. It has a 3.5 mm audio jacket duo–one for your microphone and one for your headphones. This is an ideal and inexpensive solution for a built-in sound card of your computer as long as you don’t expect audio performance feats.

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