10 Best Case Fans 2020 – Do Not Buy Before Reading This!

Noctua NF-F12 PWM Cooling Fan 2020

Noctua NF-F12 PWM Cooling Fan

Rosewill 120mm Long Life Sleeve Case 2020

Rosewill 120mm Long Life Sleeve Case

Corsair ML120, 120mm Premium Magnetic Levitation Fan 2020

Corsair ML120, 120mm Premium Magnetic Levitation Fan


A case fan is a mechanical device and a case fan holds the whole PC and the motherboard cold by moving air to or from the part and system. The fan velocity is measured in minutes or rpm, and the faster the ventilator turns the higher velocity. But perhaps the higher the rpm the quieter a fan in many situations.

Work of case fan

Normally, fans of the case of the front of your personal computer pull in the relatively cool air in the space to lower the temperature within a device. The case fans on the back and the case fans usually exhaust the hot air heated back into the room by the components.

The electric current enters the piston and is then twisted around the metal base into bobbins of steel. As this current pass through the tube, a magnetic field that expends power in motion is caused by changes in the electrical energy in the direction of the clock. This is the common principle of case fan as well as a ceiling fan.

Table of Contents

1. Noctua NF-F12 PWM Cooling Fan


This case fan comes with a custom design which enhances it in every way. The concept intends to get a modern centered flow frame to assist with the cooling. For more performance this frame will work with 11 stator guide vanes.

The platform includes anti-vibration pads as part of ensuring the activity noise is at a minimum. These pads have extra-soft silicone which will help minimize the transmission of vibrations.

The fan still features an adaptor with low noise. The adapter’s goal is to push the maximum fan speed from 1500rpm to 1200rpm.

You can run the fan at a constant speed of 1200rpm using the adapter, or you can switch it up with the automatic PWM control.

2. Corsair Air Series SP120 High Performance Edition Single Fan


The architecture of the platform is essentially about getting the best compromise between airflow and low noise activity. We all want fans that can cool properly to ensure smooth running of the systems. We also want it to be louder, just as the machine cools properly. You get that with this layout.

It is not the quietest one available on the market right now, with the noise level at 23dBA. That said, this is the output model, and the quiet variant from the same supplier is also available.

You have rubber corners while receiving noise. The aim is to keep down the vibrations when operating the fans under a load.

The overall fans feel it’s made to last for years. This is backed by a two-year warrantee.

3. Rosewill 120mm Long Life Sleeve Case


If you are on a budget, then this is the best-case fan you can get for yourself today. Since it is cheap, you do not have to expect some fancy designs going into it.

As a slim fan, you can cool those tight spaces, as well. You just have to position them in the cooling area and should be fine.

The fan is fitted with a long sleeve. The sleeve is the plastic layer used to connect the belt to the blades. Sure, the sheath will wear out in time, and then the machine begins making a lot of noise.

The machine is 38.2CFM in airflow. It’s not the best you’re currently on the market. That’s why you get 4 fans in a single pack. Now you can use all four to ensure that the four combine more airflow.

4. BL070 Silentwings 3 PWM 120mm High Speed Cooling Fan


You can easily conclude from the name of the device that it will be a quiet application. One will always want an output model that needs to be very loud.

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You will like the wide blades in your fan as part of the performance. These blades cause extreme high pressure to be created. This pressure turns more air into your system’s cooling.

Some even liked the impressive refrigeration with what you get from the water-cooled system. It only shows that you can achieve so much with the right design and performance features.

Running at 2200rpm is always the best way to perform. The fan can generate a lot of airflow required for the cooling process at such rates. Combine this speed with broad fan blades and you get an advanced fan.

It is anticipated that the fan can generate a lot of noise while running at high rpm. The noise is normal for this one. The 28.6dBA noise level is what most fans working at 2200rpm anticipate.

The sound to noise ratio is easy to conclude.

5. Corsair ML120, 120mm Premium Magnetic Levitation Fan


Corsair as a company is so proud of the fan that they say if NASA was to make computer case fans, this is what they will make. Well, you have to give it to them because of the technology they have used to make this possible.

The magnetic levitation combined with the custom engineered rotors are the ones that set it apart from the others. You can be sure that you will always end up with unrivalled performance and low noise.

The innovative design does not stop there. It goes all the way to the fan blades. The angled and while fan blades are crucial for cooling. You can be sure that with the size of the blades you will get high static pressure and airflow needed for cooling.

In general, you are going to experience a premium product in action.

It comes as a pack of two. The aim is to give more fans important for cooling. You can now have the fan easily cooling the various components of the system. More cooling is always important for the performance of the system.

The use of magnetic bearing is a new concept in the world of case fans. Most of them will be using the ball bearing, but this one is even better. The use of magnetic bearing is all about boosting the lifespan of the fan.

It is also possible to note that such a system gives the fan low noise of operation. You will not hear many people complaining about the noise.

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Running at 2000rpm is the best perfect balance between having low noise and high performance.

6. Thermaltake RIING 120mm RED LED Ultra Quiet Computer Case Fan


The fact that a LED is part of the fan just improves things. You still have something more to say than other typical fans. In this edition, you can spice up your machine case with a variety of LED choices.

The LEDs all are more aesthetically oriented. Well, many people will wonder if the model really works. We may confidently say this will be another top model for cooling you can use today.

The platform offers a new and updated configuration for the blades to ensure the ventilation is smoother.

For building high static pressure, the blade design is critical. This is the type of refreshment you really like if you have a program of high demands.

Its low operating noise is the best thing about using the fan. The noise is reduced by the hydraulic bearing rather than the ball bearing.

7. Corsair LL Series LL120 RGB 120mm Dual Light Loop Fan


Coming from corsair, there is much to expect. Since it is a top brand, you will be comfortable knowing the brand will deliver on performance. The good news is that the company did a good job with this one.

There is no way we could forget about talking of the RGB LEDs. The manufacturer did this so that the users can have an easy time pimping the computer cases.

For this model, you get up to 16 independent RGB LEDs. Since they are independent, it is possible for you to separate the light loops and create a vibrant visual effect in the case.

For those who have used it before, they claim you get one of the best airflow of all times. There is no doubt you are going to like for having more performance.

It’s lightweight also because it just weights 2.88 lbs. It will carry the argument virtually no weight.

8. Cooler Master MegaFLow 200 Fan for Computer Cases


The refrigeration and efficiency of the fan starts. Well, for this design, you should now be in a position to have a better performance fan to help cool your system.

The platform features an outstanding 110CFM airflow as part of the cooling process. This is perfect because it’s 700rpm. This is fine. It was not anticipated that this low rpm would produce sufficient airflow.

The durability is another thing that should help you become more interested in mode owners. The manufacturer says that it is 30 000 hours for life expectancy. You should now be able to use this model for years without worrying about it being replaced.

You still get the LED light to spice up the looks of your case.

9. Arctic F8 PWM Rev.2 Standard Low Noise PWM Controlled Case Fan – best 80mm case fan


When buying a computer case fan, you want the one that is going to last for years. No one wants to keep replacing the fans more often. That is possible now when you decide to pick this type of model.

To make it highly durable, the manufacturer uses the fluid dynamic bearing on its axis. The bearing comes with an oil capsule important to avoid having lubricant leakage.

For this type of bearing, you get that it is quiet just as the sleeve bearing, but it still comes with a higher service life.

The PWM power now only permits the fan to operate at the required speed. The goal is to provide you with an amazing refreshment experience that maintains a low noise level at the same time.

The impeller configuration should help you reduce the noise created by the fan action. If this occurs, the required airflow and pressure must also be given.

The software can be mounted two-way. According to the maker the warm air is blown out from the case in one direction and the cold air is pulled in the other. In any event, this occurs cooling.

10. Corsair Air Series AF120 Quiet Edition Single Fan


Every fan is about doing best and remains silent. It is the silent version of his term, ensuring that while it is running you won’t have to worry about its vibration.

It is said to have a 21dBA noise by the manufacturer. You might even not realize that the fan is running this sort of stage. Finally, you can be certain that it will always work efficiently.

Many fans can be too noisy to be distracting, not too low. The noise levels you don’t have to care about.

Operating at 1100 rpm is an effective pace which could be used by many devices. The fan can generate sufficient airflow to cool the system at these speeds.

The fan is calibrated by the supplier to produce a 39.88 CFM airflow. This is sufficient for the system to cool down to optimum temperatures. Good computer graphics cards should also be decent.

In fact, the device is inexpensive.



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Cooling is an important aspect of having your computer system running perfectly. It is the reason you get to use the best-case fans from our list above. These fans are designed to deliver on performance without really have to spend a lot of money. Take the time to check out all the models we have reviewed above to pick the right one. You can be sure to get one that will deliver the cooling needs that you require.

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